Lincoln/Broadway Self-Guided Walking Tour

Stop 9:  Broadway and Maple Ave. (West Side)

Topic: Mrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies 

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Has everyone heard of Russell Stovers candies? 1923 Clara and Russell Stover began making candy in the kitchen of their Denver bungalow home at 960 Detroit Street.  Initially employing seven employees, it is first known as Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies. The Stovers used their meager earnings to create their own candy company. In 1925, the Stovers outgrew their bungalow kitchen and said that they found it necessary to build a “new Bungalow” at 748 Lincoln Street to expand the manufacturing of the candies. The company built three storefronts, including one at 7 Broadway  (Approximately where the Go Sushi restaurant building is). In the crash of 1929, they lost half of their stores, and their original home in Denver. Through their successes and failures, they were now prepared to officially run a successful candy business. Russell and Clara Stover began to build factories in Denver and Kansas City, Missouri. They still manufactured chocolates in Colorado up until 2020 when they closed their Chocolate Factory in Montrose. 

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Mrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies - 7 Broadway (Building no longer there).   Denver Public Library Special Collections  Call Number: X-23926 - “Mrs. Stovers Bungalow Candies” 

Denver Public Library Special Collections  Call Number: X-23928 - 1932 “Stover Candy Factories” 

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