Community Benefits Agreement

95 Lincoln Street Development

As a neighborhood, it is important for all of us to reference and monitor this document to ensure compliance with the Community Benefit Agreement and its restrictions on both the owner and of our neighbors.

Beginning in 2021, the Lincoln/Broadway Corridor RNO received notifications and met with the owner of the lots also known as 73 N Lincoln St, 75 N Lincoln St., and 87 N Lincoln St., currently zoned G-MU-5 with UO-3. Through the years, several zoning meetings and notifications were present to the neighborhood to solicit comments regarding the new development proposal.  The previous letters are located in the link below.

In October 2023, the owner picked up the project once again after abandoning it due to costs and approached the neighborhood RNO's for discussion and to seek an approval of the re-zoning of this property. Since this is an important change to the neighborhood of Lincoln Street, significant time was spent to develop a Community Benefits Agreement between the owner and the neighborhood RNO's (BHNA, WWPNA, and L/BCRNO), to ensure the building aesthetically compliments the historic nature of our streets, but is also considerate of the neighborhood and its neighbors. 

Outlined in the Community Benefits Agreement is the requirement to create a Neighborhood Advisory Committee upon commencement of the project. This Neighborhood Advisory Committee will consist of a representative from each RNO who are signatories on the Commuity Benefits Agreement. The RNO's will review the project and advise if the project is sawing beyond the agreed upon requirements as outlined in the Community Benefits Agreement.

The Community Benefits Agreement is legally binding. At the end of a fifteen year period (approx. February 12th, 2039), this agreement will need to be renegotiated if the project has not been built or completed.

Community Benefits Agreement - Signed Lp-Lincoln-wwpna-lcbrno-bhna- (1).pdf