Lincoln/Broadway Self-Guided Walking Tour

Last Stop:  108 S. Lincoln at Bayaud Ave.

Topic: Paul Whiteman and father Wilberforce Whiteman

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The last stop on the tour is the Wilberforce/ Paul Whiteman house. Wilberforce Whiteman was a member of the South Broadway Christian Church and was their first music director. He was also the head of music for the Denver public school system. His son, Paul Whiteman became obsessed with music at a young age. By 1916 he started with the Denver Symphony Orchestra as first chair.  His father wanted him to be better and not play any of that Jazz music. Only serious music! So at 17, Paul left Denver to move to San Francisco where he was able to acquire a position in the viola section of the San Francisco Pan Pacific Exposition orchestra. By the end of the 1920’s he was the biggest name in the music business with press notices referring to him as the “King of Jazz” right next to Louis Armstrong.The biggest hits of his career were “Three o'clock in the morning”, and “Linger Awhile”. He became a household name while hosting several television shows in the 40’s and 50’s.

As you can see, the little town of South Denver grew to be the “Million Dollar Mile” and the home of some incredible people who came here and helped make Denver what it is today. There is always more to discover about this area and we encourage you to take a look into the history of your own home because you never know what lost stories you might find.

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