Want slower traffic speeds? 20 is Plenty in Denver!

Dear Lincoln Street Community L/BCRNO members, would you like to see slower traffic speeds in Denver? 

Would you like to be able to walk your dog safely to the park, have your kids play in the front yard, or garden in your tree lawn without worry of a high-speed traffic crash harming you or your loved ones?

If so, there is one small change to the Denver city ordinance that could potentially make this a reality, and our City Council has the power to do it!

Currently, the “default” traffic speed limit is set at 25MPH for streets with unposted speed limits. In other cities such as Seattle, small speed limit reductions of just 5 MPH have shown to slow traffic speeds and reduce crashes without any additional traffic enforcement or engineering. 

If the default speed limit is reduced from 25MPH to 20MPH, we could see an immediate reduction in traffic speeds citywide here in Denver!

While today, Lincoln Street and other arterials have a posted speed limit of 30MPH or above, reducing the “default” speed limit from 25MPH to 20MPH could have ripple effects for the city’s major thoroughfares, without any additional traffic enforcement or engineering. 

25MPH for Lincoln, anyone?

If you are interested in slowing our City’s traffic speeds, please reach out to our Councilman, Jolon Clark, and our Councilmembers-At-Large, today. 

No time? No worries!
We have written up the email copy for you. All you need to do is copy/paste and hit send!

If you have a little more time, consider adding a personal story to the email. How will you be positively impacted by lowering traffic speeds? Will a walk around the block now be possible? Will your kids be able to visit their friends or ride their bicycles safely? Will you feel safer driving at slower speeds?

Want more information?
Learn more from the traffic calming experts at Denver Streets Partnership.