Your Input Needed: Transportation Surveys

There are two surveys of interest to Lincoln Street residents:

City of Denver’s Annual Travel Survey
This survey is available in English and Spanish and is open now through October 18.

This year’s Travel Survey will look at COVID-19 related travel patterns.

Wouldn’t you love to see one lane less of speeding cars? This year, the City is looking at how COVID-19 has changed travel patterns. Are you walking or biking more? Driving less? This is important for Lincoln Street, because the design of it is based on the assumption of 9-5 commuter peak hour travel (and was created in the late 1960s!). If those peak commuter hours no longer exist or have changed, then our streetscape could possibly change.

This would be welcome, since Lincoln Street is in the High Injury Network, meaning it has a lot of fatal crashes, thanks to its dangerous design. Currently, there isn’t much City funding or Vision Zero funding to address these issues. However, data can make a new case for funding—if folks provide the feedback.
Please take the survey!

Open Streets Experience Survey from CU’s College of Architecture and Planning School

To create more space for personal mobility, dining and socializing while still practicing 6-foot distancing, the City and County of Denver has temporarily expanded activities into the public right-of-way on select streets. The College of Architecture and Planning at University of Colorado Denver is studying these expanded public areas as a part of the 2020 Fall Semester and would like your feedback on how these spaces perform and to understand why you like or dislike them. Your feedback will help graduate students in Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design understand the streets that are most effective in creating additional public space. The survey results will provide valuable lessons to inform future efforts. Survey is here.

Lastly, be sure to attend this bikeway meeting! Three bikeways cross Lincoln Street.

Join the virtual meeting to see the updates! Questions for the City team? Schedule office hours with them!

The South Central Community Transportation Network virtual open house is Thursday, September 24 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m! Participate online at or by phone by calling 855-286-0297.