L/BCRNO Positions & Advocacy Work

From time to time, the Lincoln/Broadway Corridor RNO takes official positions related to our streestcape or zoning/planning. We work collaboratively and productively with our Corridor partners, the City and County of Denver, and developers throughout the process.

Our 2020-2021 formal positions & advocacy work include the following:

1. Working to ensure our Lincoln Street residents at the 800 block of South Lincoln are not displaced by the I-25 Wedge Ramp Project, and Lincoln’s quality of life is not further degraded by the project’s impacts. We oppose the demolition of this block for I-25 ramp infrastructure, and have worked collaboratively with our neighbors living in this area to ensure their concerns are heard. Learn more about the time-intensive process here.

2. Working collaboratively with the developer team on a proposed rezone at the block of 1st & Lincoln, west side.

3. Working productively with the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure to bring much-needed Vision Zero transit & safety improvements to Lincoln Street. We also regularly work with DPD to advocate for speeding enforcement, and Denver CALC to foster conversations about other improvements than can happen on Lincoln/Broadway.

4. Continuing to advocate for lead reduction on Lincoln, after Denver Water paused the line replacement program on Lincoln due to their concerns about commuter car traffic being impacted.

5. Hosting a monthly History Club to share our love of Denver’s history with our neighbors in Baker, Washington Park West, Washington Park, and beyond.

6. Coordinating and hosting Lincoln Street Community events to bring people together and have some fun!

We are always looking for great folks to join us!

If you are interested in getting involved and learning more about plans that affect the Lincoln/Broadway Corridor, or simply want to meet your neighbors, please attend our monthly meetings or join the Board or a committee. Also, don’t forget to shop & eat along Broadway and support our merchants!