Call for Land Use & Transportation Committee Members!

When residents join our community, one of their primary concerns is the Lincoln Street streestcape.

“People use it as a speedway,” they say. Or: “It’s hard to cross the street safely to visit restaurants.” And: “It’s a residential street. Why does it have to be so noisy? We can’t hear our neighbors.” One of our neighbors even created a video about how hard it was for her family growing up here!

As a member of the L/BCRNO Land Use & Transportation Committee, you would be a key player in helping solve these problems! You would attend city meetings, work with city departments, and other residents to address the complex—but solvable—problems on Lincoln Street! (And Broadway, too.) Check out some ideas that we’ve already written about here. What are yours?

Are you a collaborator and a problem solver!? We want you!

If you are interested in joining this important L/BCRNO committee, please email us today!