Adopt-A-Neighbor Program

Help spread random acts of kindness throughout the neighborhood!

Times are difficult for everyone right now. We are lonely, finances may be tighter than ever, it’s hard to run errands, and we don’t have as much freedom to live our life as we used to.

Can we help each other out while getting to know our neighbors? Is there something you can offer as a way to help someone? Do you need help with a task or could really use some generosity? Do you know someone who could benefit from a conversation from a friend?

In the spreadsheet link below, please sign up to offer a service or add your name and what you need if you need help. We encourage everyone to take a look throughout the next couple of months and see if there are ways we can help spread some kindness throughout the neighbor. Please try to keep tasks as contactless as possible to help keep everyone safe.

Just some examples:

– Donate extra food to a neighbor in need
– Volunteer to shovel an elderly neighbors walk
– Help mail a package
– Donate toys
– Set up a zoom or telephone call for a lonely neighbor

The spreadsheet is updated automatically, so please check back frequently!